ELFLAND, edited by Martha Schnee and Lena Warnke, is a communally made compilation of archival documents, photographs, essays and poems created by neighbors to tell the story of an empty lot used by the community as a public art space.

Summary for Mem (2022)
by Martha Schnee

Summary for Mem is a book of kabbalistic poems and drawings created during the Covid-19 lockdown, featuring a handbound silkscreen printed cover on sheer fabric. Each poem and drawing is a rumination on walking through Cambridge and Somerville in 2020, as a nexus for ancestral time travel, ritual, and memory.

understory (2022)
by Lucie March and Lena Warnke

Accompanying the Union Square redevelopment, the city of Somerville, MA is replacing sewage pipes. Trees around Summer Street have been armored: 2x4 lumber palisades encase the trunks, anticipating mechanical damage that can result in arboreal death.

Like soldiers prepared for battle, the trees line the neighborhood dressed in ghostly versions of themselves, awaiting their own potential destruction. understory unfolds from our initial encounter with these sentinels and traces our changing perceptions since their apparition.