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sidebody by sidebody, released 2022
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the eight tracks here are offerings held out by long-limbed friendship.

at the start of the covid-19 pandemic, friends who had met 15 years earlier as high school freshmen found themselves together again and picked up new instruments to deal with this new situation. their shared moments became songs, and as the world opened the songs became performances.

people came to hear and sidebody became a band: guitar, drums, bass, and voice, speaking to each other with the spark and stumble of newness and the fluidity of years.

to us, this album is a dried flower: what came of a deep-planted seed that built strength in the dark and spent it in the sun. in the end, the only option was to press it. if you breathe in deep you can smell what it was.


released August 8, 2022

sidebody was written and recorded by martha schnee, hava horowitz, lena warnke and cara giaimo. it was produced and mixed by dylan grossman and sidebody, and mastered by swaya. it was engineered by eric kilburn, and recorded at wellspring sound in acton, ma and sidebody studios in somerville, ma. album cover design by martha schnee & photograph by lucie march.


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sidebody is:
vox/synth - hava horowitz
drums/vox/guitar - martha schnee
guitar/bass/vox - cara giaimo
bass/guitar/vox/drums - lena warnke